Daniel Quat, photographer, creates visual stories around artists, musicians and other creative individuals.
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Welcome to Daniel Quat Photography and Santa Fe Portraits

Creative Photography for Creative People

If you’re looking for powerful, inspired photography of people, places and events in and around Santa Fe and Los Alamos, you’re in the right place. Daniel Quat is your go to photographer for dynamic and exciting portraits and event photography for your business and personal life.  "My goal is to capture your essence, stength and passion."

  • Portraits– Everyone wants an extraordinary portrait – one that knocks their socks off. That captures their inner beauty. That draws out their essence. Their strength. Their radiant character. I specialize in business and professional headshots, family portraits, and photos of children, high school seniors and couples that do just that!

  • Events– I will create a captivating photographic record of your family event, celebration or small wedding, that conjures up the loving emotions and connections between participants. For your professional business event, I will tell your company’s story with style and create photos that can add to your bottom line.

  • Artists in Motion– I will translate your passion as a dancer, musician or performance artist into powerful visual images.

Are you ready? Let’s create photographic magic, together! Contact me for a free consultation.




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